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Terms and Conditions

This is a disclaimer for providing online interpretations of medical imaging studies.
1. The interpretation is dependent on the quality and completeness of the imaging data provided

2. Interpretation is dependent on the clinical information provided and ultimate treatment decisions should only be made following consultation with a treating physician and not just a radiologist. This interpretation does not replace a full medical consultation with an appropriate specialist.

3. There can be delays in interpretation if additional information is requested

4. Certain studies such as sonography/ultrasound studies have significant limitations from inter observer variability and can often not be interpreted. These however maybe useful for correlation while interpreting other studies.

5. Please upload all studies of the same body part. An x ray is useful to have while reading an MRI. Each study has its own value and does not replace the other

6. Reports for studies that are limited by technique will be billed in full as every effort is made to interpret these. 

7. Technical limitations will be indicated on the final interpretation

8. Any medical, legal or medico legal issues or disputes are subjects to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts or fora in Mumbai only

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Cancellation Policy
Innovision Imaging Private Limited has the following cancellation policy:

Innovision Imaging Private Limited does not accept cancellation requests for scans once uploaded to our Dropbox.

Refund Policy
Refund requests will be validated by Innovision Imaging Private Limited. Innovision Imaging Private Limited does not provide refund for services delivered in full. Interpretation of the scans is dependent on the quality and completeness of data uploaded. Innovision Imaging Private Limited will not provide refund if image quality is suboptimal to render a useful opinion.

Interpretations are limited by the quality of images and information submitted. These limitations and possible solutions for overcoming these will be mentioned in the interpretation if needed.

All legal concerns are to be addressed in India and Mumbai.