Case stories: Real life incidents from our practice that have made a difference

Story 1: Ravi gets back to the boundary line!

Image Ravi is a first class cricketer who was being seen by a leading physiotherapist in the city, John. He was finding it increasingly difficult to throw from the boundary line. After a couple of throws, his arm would start paining and he’d be lucky to hit the 30 yard circle. The physiotherapy was working, but only a little

John brought Ravi over to see us and we assessed his shoulder. We talked about possible causes of pain and decided to give him an image-guided injection near his biceps tendon. Using an ultrasound machine, we directed a needle to exactly the spot where we felt the pain was coming from (Ravi watched the needle too!) and injected him with some pain reduction and anti-inflammatory medicine. The procedure was just like a regular injection and with some appropriate physiotherapy, Ravi is now happily patrolling the boundary for his team and no one is stealing cheeky singles!

Story 2: Lady almost misses her English summer!

Image Mrs. Bharucha (name changed) is a 60 year old lady who suffered from foot pain. Her doctor recommended an MRI. The study was performed and interpreted by an imaging center as a mass, which could be an infection or cancer. Mrs. Bharucha was devastated. She was to leave in a week for her son’s graduation in London.

Her doctor was worried too and spoke to one of his colleagues, who suggested he get a second opinion from InnoVision’s orthopaedic radiologists. The MRI was reviewed and although it looked ominous, the appearance was familiar to one they had seen many times before and was classic for a stress fracture. Mrs. Bharucha was then asked to get an X-Ray done, which confirmed the diagnosis of a stress fracture.

Thanks to the experience and familiarity with the imaging appearance, Mrs. Bharucha had a great trip to England. Her doctor was relieved too.

Story 3: Gokul gets to go back home quickly!

Image Gokul had traveled from Gorakhpur to see Dr. Joshi for his shoulder problem. He planned to take a week off so he could see the doctor, get his reports and make a decision. He was already planning his next week off in case he needed surgery.

Dr. Joshi saw him and recommended an MRI. He asked him to get it done at one of the centres affiliated with InnoVision since he knew be sure there would be good images, an excellent report and a musculoskeletal radiologist he could rely on to discuss the case with if needed.

Gokul was given a list of centres he could go to. He made the calls and found the one most convenient for him that would take him as soon as possible. He told the centre he was from out of town and needed a quick report. Within the next couple of hours, his scan was done and he was given the films. By the evening he was back at Dr. Joshi’s. The report had been emailed to his phone and to Dr. Joshi. His surgery was scheduled for the next morning and in the next few days he was on his way home!

Story 4: Tina gets lucky!

Image 30 year old Tina had a lump in her breast. Her doctor told her it was probably nothing, but Tina was scared and so he put a small needle in the mass in his office and took a small sample which was sent to the lab

The test came back as negative for cancer. She was told everything was alright and not to worry. The mass persisted for a month and Tina got worried. her friend Manisha told her about the doctors at MammoVision, where while seeing the mass under with an ultrasound machine, a specimen was taken and sent to the lab.

This time, Tina was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately it was picked up early. She was treated promptly and is doing well now.

Story 5: Mrs. Rao gets smart!

Image Mrs. Rao has been getting regular mammograms for the last 5 years. She usually gets them as part of her "health checkup". Recently, one of her mammograms was found to be abnormal and she was recommended surgery. Her daughter Sheila is a doctor overseas and found out about InnoVision.

Mrs. Rao came to us with her mammogram. No one had compared her present study to old ones. The mass had been there and stable over the last five years

The likelihood of cancer was very low. An image guided biopsy was performed, it's benign nature was confirmed and the entire Rao family is relieved.