Musculoskeletal imaging has acquired subspeciality status with an increasing number of MSK MRIs as a result of increasing sports and gym activities. Internal derangements of joints are common, and the Radiologist forms an integral part of the management team along with orthopaedician and physiotherapist in managing these conditions. Knowledge of large joint MRI and significance of findings in various clinical scenarios is paramount to ensuring better outcomes.
At the end of this course, the participant will have a clearer understanding of common clinical scenarios, imaging appearances and how to document details relevant to management.

Radiologists who have finished their residency and also practicing radiologists who want to learn and improve their musculoskeletal MRI reporting

Multiple 15-to-20-minute recorded videos available through the entire duration of the module, Two interactive case discussion sessions every week of approximately 45 mins - Tuesday and Friday 8.45 to 9.30 pm (cases on a viewer will be provided at the beginning of the module) and an assessment at the end of the module.

The full online course will cost Rs 75,000.If all the modules are taken,concession will be given when registering for the last module.

Course Info:

  • Online Course- Four modules
  • Three weeks duration each
  • 20,000 per module
  • +91-22-23538599/+91-9664624350
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