InnoVision Imaging is a group of experienced, specialized imaging doctors (radiologists) who dedicated themselves to imaging specific body parts and systems while regularly communicating with the growing array of super specialized doctors. This allows us to better understand diseases, keep up with the latest treatment methods and provide inputs that are vital to treatment decision-making. See profiles of our team members.

But aren't all scans the same?

Aren't all photographs the same? There are many variables to getting a great photograph. Everything from the camera, it's settings and ultimately picking the right moment and framing. Similarly, while imaging centres have excellent imaging equipment, our experts set these up to get the most detailed and relevant imaging.

But isn't a radiologist a radiologist?

Many years ago, our parents consulted the general practitioner for all their problems. Today we see specialists for specialized problems; orthopaedic surgeons, pulmonologists, cardiologists, neurologists and so on. Their focused and specialized training makes them understand these ailments better and keep up with the latest advances. InnoVision radiologists focus on specific body systems and regularly work with specialists who treat those conditions. This gives us a better understanding of the ailments, their treatment plans and allows us to focus on those aspects of imaging that are relevant to treatment decision making.

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